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Brittany: France’s Best Kept Secret

Brittany: It is a permanent impressionist exhibition here; you only have to put your nose outside the door when the weather is fine: it’s Monet all over: violet overalls, green land, orange sky, blue trees, violet, red and pink boats etc. It’s enough to make you mad.— Emile Bernard, (artist and friend of Gauguin) If…

The Astonishing Art of Dionisio Blanco

The splendid variety and quality of artists in the Dominican Republic is often a surprise to the visitor, unaware of the island’s rich cultural heritage. In 1992, I was one of these unaware visitors, astonished and delighted by the originality of the painting I found even in Santo Domingo’s smallest galleries. I shared “my” discovery…

A Children’s Book Character Can Have Life-Changing Influence

When I was five years old, soon after I started kindergarten, I got rheumatic fever. The disease left me weak and crippled. I was unable to walk for a year. I could not attend school and because rheumatic fever is contagious, I was not allowed to be with other children. The home teacher sent to…

Adnan’s Secret

High in the pine-covered mountains of southern Turkey, there lie the ruins of the only city Alexander the Great could not conquer. Termessos is its name. In January, when the air is dry and the sage bushes from which the Turks make their healing tea have grown scraggly, there are few visitors. This is the…

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