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The Reading Woman
As it approaches its third decade, The Reading Woman has become its own phenomenon. What started as an art-filled journal is now a family of several delightful gift products geared to the book-loving woman.  Each year the line introduces new large and mini wall calendars, engagement diaries, postcard books and boxed note cards.

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The Reading Woman Gift Products

Enchanted Islands: Voices and Visions from the Caribbean. This journal arose from my ongoing love affair with Caribbean art. As the former art columnist and feature writer for the magazine Caribbean Travel & Life, I had the opportunity to meet with the region’s most exciting artists and writers and  I put the ones I loved most in this book. Enchanted Islands is the ideal gift for the woman who loves art, beautiful words and a white sand beach.

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Calvello Books

Solo Passages. This unique gift journal is graced with excerpts of famous women’s private diary entries and enhanced by fine art showing women writing. To create it, I read dozens of diaries from well-known women. I discovered that women around the globe and through time, experience much the same insecurities, longings and joys.
In Solo Passages you’ll glimpse the private thoughts of many women including Beatrix Potter, Virginia Woolf, Eleanor Roosevelt and Anaïs Nin.  I’ve filled the journal with art including paintings  by Mary Cassat, John Singer Sargent, Frida Kahlo as well as wonderful new artists.

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