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Letters to the editors from readers of Maxine Rose Schur's travel writings

I so much enjoyed your story. It made me get out an old map of Switzerland and relive our own experiences mostly in the French Alps. Your writing is colorful and tender and humorous.

Margaret Harvey Berkeley, California
Letter sent to the travel editor of the San Francisco Examiner

What a Honeymoon! The author's saga aboard a tramp steamer reads more like a novel set in another era than a modern day experience... a riveting tale, well told.

Judge for the 1995 Lowell Thomas Award
from the Society of American Travel Writers

Schur captures the reader from the first sentence of her story about a visit to the Stamang Longhouse, an outpost of the Iban tribe in the heart of Borneo. It's an incredible journey to the edge of Schur's world and ours, and leaves us gasping for more."

Judge of the 1998 Lowell Thomas Award
from the Society of American Travel Writers

Thanks for sharing such a heartfelt and moving experience with us... I was utterly charmed and warmed by your article depicting as it does the value of traditions known and shared with the same emotions and values intact. Thank you for your brilliant exposition and insight.

Joseph L. Portnoy ED.D. Cantor Emeritus,
The Congregation Emanu-El San Francisco
Letter sent to the travel editor at the San Francisco Examiner

I want to thank you for the wonderful article Marriage in Marseilles. I was a victim of your prose, swept into the mystery and intrigue of a foreign place... Thank you for the brief glimpse into a world I will probably never know more intimately.

Kathy Duffy San Francisco
Letter sent to the travel editor of the San Francisco Examiner

I just finished reading Senor Gringo and was transported right into the scene. I was fascinated by how much I saw each character as if I were at the table sipping beer and slowly getting woozy. The sheriff whipping out that pistol was most disturbing. I have stared down the barrel of a pistol only once, and the memory of that encounter was re-created, in effect, as Schur's words moved across my mind. At the same time, I sensed the pathos of a man made rich but deprived of what he most would like to have had, that freedom to go back to those places which must have haunted him constantly. What an experience those little black marks on the screen allowed me to have. I thank you for this wonderful experience.

Harold Fleming Harlingen,
Texas Email sent to travel editor at salon.com

Troistorrents, Switzerland.
Tribal Chief, Sarawak, Borneo
Rainforest, Sarawak, Borneo



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