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Secrets to the Self

Maxine Schur
Lecture: Secrets to the Self - NEW!
The Importance of Writing What We Feel and Think

To create the exquisite gift journal, "Solo Passages ", Maxine Rose Schur read hundreds of women's most private diary entries. She discovered diaries by well-known women as well as the lesser-known and the unknown. Reading so many diaries and seeing the recurring similarities of thought and feeling made her ask these questions:

•Why have so many women for centuries, confided their most heartfelt ideas to a clandestine book?
•What are the benefits of writing down one's feelings and thoughts?
•What does the pervasiveness of diary writing say about women in society?

As poignant, surprising and funny as the diary entries are in themselves, Maxine Rose Schur's insight on them is sure to enhance the pleasure.

Whether you already keep a journal or are tempted to begin one, Secrets to the Self reveals the many proven psychological and spiritual benefits of journaling. You will be inspired to turn even your most fleeting ideas into written words that reflect what you most honestly feel and believe.

One hour .

Contact Maxine Rose Schur at maxineschur@yahoo.com for more information.

Maxine Schur
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