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Maxine Schur
Workshop: Visualizing Your Children's Story

Whatever the genre, all children's books need to tell a story but how do you know if you have a good story? This workshop helps you move closer to getting published. Topics covered include:

•How to define what constitutes a story
•The importance of visualizing scenes before writing them and techniques to do so
•How to bring forth and thus learn what our own unique " authentic voice sounds like" and why that's the strongest one to use.
•What goals revision must accomplish
•The importance of outlining
•How to make description specific
•When to use narrative and when to create a scene with dialogue
•The importance of each character having an objective
•Uncovering the meaning that goes beyond the story.

Appropriate for both beginning and intermediate writers, this workshop is a mixture of lecture, discussion, readings, critiques and hands-on exercises.

"Maxine is an exceptional teacher and I feel fortunate to have had 5 weeks with her."
Kristin Priesman, Teacher for Second Grade

"Ms. Schur is terrific; I would take more classes from her. ​ She got me writing again!"
Stephanie Wildman, Professor of Law, Emerita

"The presentation and exercises were not only engaging but motivating. I couldn't improve on it."
Lisa Kelsey, teacher

"Maxine Rose Schur taught with practical and inspirational examples."
Carol A Hall Elementary School Librarian

"She is great! She gives detailed explanations of the components of good writing."
Jane Nation Teacher

"Maxine has a very warm and friendly approach while providing solid content."
Tara Leonard Writer/Editor K-12 for educational publisher

Contact Maxine Rose Schur at maxineschur@yahoo.com for more information.

Maxine Schur
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