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Maxine Schur
Workshop: The Art of Travel Writing

For those who dream of being a professional travel writer or just want to sell the occasional article from their vacation, this is the workshop! In this five hour class, Maxine Rose Schur discusses the craft of the travel writer including the art of selection and description, use of creative non-fiction techniques, hooking the reader, and finding the right "traveler voice. " Also covered is the business of travel writing: how to travel deep, how to find the right market for your work, as well as information about press trips and travel organizations. A winning combination of hands on exercises and inspiring discussion and demonstration.

"In depth feedback on my rough draft"
"Lots of energy and effervescence"

Comments from participants at the Medocino Coast Writers Conference.

Contact Maxine Rose Schur at maxineschur@yahoo.com for more information.

Maxine Schur
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