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Maxine Schur
Lecture: To Give Voice

Maxine Rose Schur has twice won the prestigious Sydney Taylor Award given by the Association of Jewish Libraries for "The Most Outstanding Book in the Field of Jewish Literature for Children". She has also been twice nominated for the National Jewish Book Award and won the Sugarman Family Award and the Louis B. Dessaur Grant for excellence in Jewish writing for Young People. In this powerful 90-minute lecture, Maxine Rose Schur talks of how she came to the writing about lesser-known periods and places in Jewish history. She touches on the importance of recording oral history and of rescuing from obscurity the "nooks and crannies" of Jewish life that have been hidden for centuries and in particular, bringing to light the achievements of so many forgotten Jewish women from the Middle Ages to the present -- to give voice to them. Riveting, entertaining, moving.

Contact Maxine Rose Schur at maxineschur@yahoo.com for more information.

Maxine Schur
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